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We are a supplier for the creel fishing industry. We manufacture a complete top of the line assortment of creels and pots for catching of lobster, nephrops, crab, eel, cod among other species. We also develop and manufacture a wide range of custom made creels and pots after fishermens own specifications.

We pride ourselves on providing top of the line products at very competitive prices. We achieve this by developing innovative products in close cooperation with fishermen and by involving our production unit already in the design stage. We sell directly to professional fishermen but supply to the recreational fishermen as well.

Besides our own production we are also a reseller of several types of creel fishing accessories, such as fishing oilskins, commercial fishing ropes, bouys and protective gloves; all from the leading manufacturers on the market.

Feel free to browse our web shop for inspiration and please contact us with your inquiries and ideas.


We develop and manufacture creels and cages for the European market for catches of shellfish, fish and snails. Sturdy long lasting equipment that withstands harsh and corrosive environments have become our trademark – and the development is an ongoing process. Our product range stretches from snow crab pots for the Greenlandic fisheries to cod traps used in the Baltic Sea.


Our wide product range for the inland fisheries in Scandinavia includes crayfish traps, fish traps and cages for live storage; both for the professional and leisure fisherman. Everything from floats to bait boxes, line haulers or long lines. We carry both the classical fishing traps, having been along for a long time, as well as improved modern traps.


Besides the pot fishing sector we supply the whole commercial fishing sector with a wide range of accessories for trawl, hook and gillnet fishing. A range of commercial fishing rope, buoys, anchors, weights, oilskins, clothing, fishing baskets, line and net haulers, gloves and floats in all sizes.