Showa 660, Glove, 10-Pack
Waterproof, supple and comfortable glove. Consists of PVC dipped soft cotton knit liner. The...
Tegera 7350, Lined Glove, XX-Large (11)
Waterproof glove that has an acrylic lining. The glove is dipped in nitrile which provides a good...
Tegera 683, Nitrile Glove, XX-Large (11)
Tegera nitrile covered flove is a very supple glove with excellent grip that provides a slight...
Showa 720, Glove, Medium (8)
This robust 30 cm long glove, which is equipped with a sleeve that covers the wrist and forearm,...
Showa 620, Glove, XX-Large (11)
Durable red glove, lined with cotton.
Showa 460, Lined Glove, X-Large (10)
This red glove is to be used in cold and rough. Lined with a thick lining and is made in acrylic.
Inner glove made of cotton for extra comfort and warmth. For example, combined with Showa 660 or...
Herkules 16, Regnbyxa
The Herkules 16 Pant is made from a heavy cotton canvas base material, coated with a special...
Brigg 40, Regnjacka
The Brigg 40 Parka is made from a heavy cotton twill base material, coated with a specially...
Hälsö 78
Fishing smock made of beaver nylon with sleeves made of PVC-coated cotton twills.
Hälsö 780
The smock is made of heavy duty beaver nylon with the bottom part and sleeves made of PVC/Cotton.
Sandhamn 21, sydväst, orange
Extra wide brim, neck protection and ear flaps. Welded water ditch on the front brim leads water...
Bris 22
Replacement sleeve with an elastic top and bottom.
Brigg 26
Brigg 26, sleeve with neoprene wrtistlet
Complete elastic suspenders for Grundéns bib pants.
Tretorn Koster
Tretorns Koster is a boot perfectly suitable for fishermen. With a wide shaft it provides easy...