Bait Box, cylinder shaped
Bait box with cylinder shape, perfectly sized to easily fit into the bait bags on our lobster and...
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Baitbox, cylinder, 4 mm with carabiner hook
For more comfortable fishing, can be used in the bait bag or simply hang it in the creel. Easier...
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Bait Box, Prawn Creel
This newly developed patent pending bait box specially made for Prawn/Nephrops fishing, seals the...
Bait Box, Black
Bait box with lid. Small openings/slits to keep hagfish and sea lice out.
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Bait Box, Green
Bait box with a large volume and small holes, made of PE-plastic. The small holes covering the...
Bait Box, Detachable
Two-part bait box that can be attached anywhere in the creel using the hanger device.